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Friday, October 23, 2015

from shanghai with love

Quick post from Shanghai Dentech 2015. I don't recommend any cheap stuffs in hall 2. Especially Dental Life Sciences products. For your patients, just go to a good quality composites. I purchased this brand a lot last year -expected too much from this brand because of their sweet marketing talk. I end up using all of them to mock up and posterior bite risers. In end, no any syringes that I use to cavity filling. Because its all oily and after curing, it will turn out very bulky. Oh and I don't recommend their colour composites too. The worst ever. I prefer to go back to twinkle star from voco as this one is still my best. This DLS is in hall 2. Dont get tricked by their marketing. He has the sweetest talk ever. Just felt surprised this year they still have a booth there. I think they bankrupt already because of the poor quality hahaha

So far, 3M, tokuyama and voco are all standing-applause composites. For the strength and esthetic too. My advice is, never lower your composite standard with cheaper one. Because your patients consents should be your consideration.

Love you, Shanghai !!

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