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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2-0-1-6 resolution

2015 was a blast. It's amazing and passed like a blink. I learned a lot, read a lot (and still a lot more !), tried an app that scared me a lot !met a lot of new good amazing people : patients, friends, colleagues.... I didn't travel as much as previous year, but still.... it was awesome.

So here comes the list for 2016 resolution !
1. Exploring Indonesia even more !
I'm not a globetrotter. But I should land my legs to at least 5 different cities in Indonesia this year ! (and Jakarta is not counted, since I travel back and forth there like.....endlessly).

2. Learn Spanish !
Well, I'm not too old to learn a new language. At least, before I hit 30 yrs old, I can greet my patients in 5 languages : Indonesia, English, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

3. Live my life !
Do yoga, and read more. 1 book per month. I should make myself proud since I haven't finished any single books last year due my lame excuse : too busy. Oh, and I should write more.

4. Learn to dance !
This is also in my list. I should learn to dance, babyyyyyyy....

5. Diamond invisalign provider
I hit platinum elite this year with 300 live-ongoing cases. And as I'm still young and eager to study lots, I should learn more to gain more cases this year. Am I too much if I put 'selfpride-achievement' as my reason to do this ?

So, 2016, I will fight to live my life to the fullest with full spirit ! And everytime I feel down, I will re-read my list.

PS : And I should wise enough to be more selective. Note to myself that I don't need to be TOO kind to people who don't worth my kindness ;)

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