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Sunday, January 31, 2016

still heart you, Surabaya

It's a throwback posting for few years back. I got few questions about Surabaya -and why I consider to live here, instead of let's said.... Sodom and Gomorah Jakarta.

Ok, first thing first. I love driving. When I'm in doubt or need to clear the clouds in my head, I will order caramel frappuccino from Starbucks I will drive. And Jakarta is not a condusive city to facilitate my hobby : driving and racing, sometimes.

Hell yeah, forget it.... I will not driving there.

Plus, Surabaya is a very nice city. Heard on people's medok-Jowo-Suroboyoan accent, with their looked-so-conservative-but-not-so-conservative attitude.... makes this city becomes.....unpredictable. Cursing with "JANC*K" or you can just shorten it with "C*K" considered as kind and rude gestures in the same time. So, no offense here. Calling your friends with 'asu c*k' (dogshit) or 'lambemu c*k' (watch your mouth, dude !) are very acceptable and not considered as rude here. If someone is very offensive, I suggest you to stay in Jogja or Solo or somewhere in central Java and not here....  or Jakarta.

Local food are great here. Almost you can't find elsewhere. For example.... rujak cingur (surabaya's mixed salad. With cow's nose inside), lontong kupang (miniclams dish with shrimp paste), semanggi suroboyo (semanggi leafs with peanut paste). I love local food here!

And people here are so..... bonek (dare to bet with their life. As if they have 9 lives). You can see a family of 5 in one motorbike or kids under ages are riding a motorbikes.

Or crossing the rail line.... 

They think they are so cool for doing this!

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