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Sunday, March 13, 2016

invisalign platinum elite provider!!!

I was attending this prestigious event in Singapore yesterday. And it was a blast ! 

 Met up the night before with Smilearts team dental. Glad to see all of you guys again ! Ker Shin, Jeremy, Kenny and Edwin. Got a crazy fun durian sessions with Jeremy and Kenny while in Medan (see.... I even haven't posted anything about my lectures trips lately!!!). Catch up again with u guys.... you made me so sick of crabs. Jeremy ordered 3 huge king crabs and i think.... i will not want to eat crab til next 6 months!

Again with Andrew! This year we celebrate our 18th years of friendship. Geez.... even more than half of our life that we are being bff!!! Again, i still hate his teeth and convince him to do invisalign ASAP ! Thanks anyway buddy for the yong tau foo treat. And he's getting married next year! So happy with that news!

Only 3 of us coming from Indonesia. My forever roomate Dr Hilly and my love Dr Elizabeth. Me and Dr Hilly are top invisalign providers in Indonesia now!

With those charming guys.... Angelo and Dr Ronnie. So happy I can reunite with them!

Dr Hiroshi Samoto - my all time favourite! It was a crisp and sharp case discussion with him

With my forever roomate... taking selfie in kampung2 style. I always have a good time and escape with this charming lady. I love you always, Dr Hilly !!! xxx

Got 2 awards in a row! Im a platinum elite invisalign provider. And treating more than 300 cases now. Will keep up the good and hard work still! This is for you, all Gigi sehat dental patients. 

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