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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

are you a dentist ? be ready to hear these lines

If you're a dentist and your friends-family-people around you know that you're a dentist, be ready to hear these lines :

1. OMG ! I'm afraid of dentist
But you don't looked scary

Yeah, thanks for making us feel better instead. 

But still, you give us this look, hahaha....
2. Don't judge my teeth. They're bad.

Gotcha !!!
3. Can you check on my teeth ?

They're nice - rite ?

4. I heard someone become blind after they got extracted

5. Or died
Oh yeah baby, sometimes shit happens in the same time. People can die for many reasons. Such as.... heart attack ?

6. I never have any cavities *chuckle*
If you don't do a regular checkup, people don't even realize that they have a cancer too *chuckle*

7. What is the best toothpaste / toothbrush ?

A customized one !!!! Definitely !!!

8. You do braces too..... for dogs ?

I wonder if you can do braces for my dogs

Well, why not ? Even for goats, I can do either !

9. You don't look like a dentist
Well yeah -I hear this too often. If I don't address my degree, maybe people will think that I'm a graveyard digger.

10. Are you single ?

Yeah I'm single -but better you straighten your teeth before approaching me ;)

11. Why going to dentist is expensive ?
Because you haven't seen dentist for ages.... and you come to us with a lot of problems to fix. Difficult question to answer. Period.

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