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Thursday, April 14, 2016

hurricaine - you can hurry numb

A real cool stuff came yesterday to clinic. I am crazy about painless dentistry -instead of super white-and straight teeth projects which is still becoming my current obsession ;)

Say hello to hurricaine ! Watermelon-flavoured.
Oh, and they're available in pina colada flavour too. Which is.... super cool !!!

As always, I always be the one who does the test-drive. I put a mugbean-sized of hurricaine in my fingertip and applied it in my lingual gum. I didn't even dry my saliva, and the result was amaaaazzzzzing. I couldn't feel my gum, my tongue, and my lip for 15 minutes. And surprisingly, the taste was so good. It's so yummy that I licked into it and got my tongue numb for another half an hour.

Awesome stuff - highly recommended : 8.5/10. In Indonesia, I get this stuff from Verkadent

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