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Sunday, May 01, 2016

the long awaited sequel : AADC2

Recalling my teenager memory, I am too excited to watch AADC2 - the long awaited sequel after its hits in 2002.
Omg, its been 14 yrs already! I'm old!!!! Help!!!!

Nothing's best than enjoying movie alone. Yes I love watching movie alone - is that weird?

So, my ex crush Nicholas Saputra as Rangga, doesnt change even a bit. Still cool and handsome. I remember when I was in high school, I collected all of his pin-ups from magazines, and I put a big sticker in the back of my guitar : "in love with you Nicholas !" OMG, I was sooooo norak. What a good old days....

I am so proud that this movie created by indonesians. I can say, that this movie is truly nailed it. A real great one. I have watched hundred times of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta during my younger age, and I don't mind to watch the sequel even couple of times too. You can say that I'm a real indonesian by heart - even not by skin. I love this country and will stand strong for this country. Everywhere I go, I will proud to put : "from Indonesia" behind my name. Weird? Well....whatever. I am an indonesian. And I am so proud to be an indonesian.

Back to the movie....
I love this movie. Classy yet entertaining. Fyi, it's a very rare occasion for me to watch a movie. But this movie is superb. If you are teenagers in early 2000's, this movie is a must-watch one.

Cinta has the nicest veneer ever! Which looked so nice and bring out the best of her. Who is the dentist? Dr. Hilly, is that you????
And Rangga has a quite annoying diastema in his front teeth. 
Uhm...well....at least it annoyed me.
OMG... do I analyze people's teeth again???