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Monday, November 14, 2011

special patient this afternoon

Today's patient is so special : Mandala Shoji from Termehek-Mehek TransTV.

My mom is a reality-show addict (and sinetron -Indonesian series- as well). So, I used to watch his show accidentally once or twice, when my mom watched it.
Last Friday, a TV crew came to our office to ask for my uncle's permission, they want to make several scenes in our dental office. My uncle, at first, didn't notice who Mandala Shoji was. And I had to google his name first to memorize who he was. But all of our dental assistants knew him from a reality show in TV. What a shame, blame us who rarely watch TV and follow infotainments. Haha...
And today, Mandala is coming to our east's dental office. See who's freakingly happy ? Yes, my mom. Haha... she can't stop taking pictures while uncle is checking his teeth. Maybe, I'll do the same thing when Paul McCartney came to clinic. Hahaha...will he ? Will he ?? :D


  1. hwaaaaa.. itu mau syuting atau priksa gigi beneran? foto bareng Mil, trus dipajang di klinik :D

  2. Syuting mbak Det, sekalian cek gigi, hehehe... Syutinge di praktek soale. Iyaa... ntar dipajang :D


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