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Friday, December 20, 2013

warm christmas greeting from Gigi Sehat Dental

Thanks to D***, my patient who wanted to look 'festive' for christmas. So I put nice christmas colours for her. Rot und gruen :)
Ooopsie... it was my gruen handschuh showed up in picture....

Now, looked better :)

She was my class II division 1 client. Severe protrusion. I remember her when she came to my clinic for the first time. D*** was an unique client. Some dentists had already given up with her case, and also some suggested her to do 4 first bicuspids extractions. She asked me for second opinion, and she was totally keen on my treatment plan.
But when I told her my price, she was crying hopelessly. In front of me ! And she told me that she will pay me in settlements, because for her, it's too expensive. Oh God, as long as the client is very cooperative, I don't mind even they don't pay me not in full price. Because the treatment will work better on cooperative clients. It's much way better than clients who didn't appreciate my treatment and always try to postpone every appointments, and in the end never show up in several months. 

For this client, I have to give her 4 thumbs up for her cooperative-ness. She lives outside Surabaya where it's a very remote area. She only has motorbike, and she will need 2 hours to go + 2 hours to back everytime she goes to my clinic. And she's never missed even single appointments, and always shows up in schedule every 3 weeks. Even today is raining very hard, she's still showed up to clinic. Oh God, I'm so touched with her effort !!!
I treated her since last August, and within these 4 months, I think the result is quite good ! You are deserved to the best result for your cooperative, D*** !!!! I'm so proud of you 

Saturday, December 07, 2013

throwback macau meeting

It's been a year since last Macau Summit Meeting. Just realized that I hadn't post any pics yet...
 with my Thailand, China, and Indonesian colleagues. Great to see you all ! And glad to know you in person, Dr. Narandr ! Definitely will visit your clinic when I'm going to Thailand.

 with my Singaporean colleague : Dr. Ronnie ! Very inspiring dentist. Can't wait to see you and Jerry  if I'm visiting Singapore. His wife, Amanda took the pic for us. They're really-really the sweetest couple in earth ! Envy :p :p :p
With all Indonesian and Vietnam delegates. Seemed I'm the youngest one :p

 The most wonderful woman in this world : my Ma ! I extended my seminar trips to take her around Hongkong and Macau. And I had a really great time with her.
 My new friend from Jakarta, Fani ! Her mum is a dentist based in Jakarta, and she's just graduated at that time. So she joined her mum for symposium too. Keep the spirit !!
With my Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hongkong colleagues after case presentations. It was great to know all of you in persons !

Having case presentation. Enjoyed this session so much 

The meeting

Took my Ma also joined with other dentists from Indonesia, although she's not a dentist, lol. But I will always take her wherever I'm going :)  

Glad to see you again, Dr. Jerry ! Will visit you and Ronnie soon in Singapore !!!

Friday, December 06, 2013

RIP Nelson Mandela

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination

It always seems impossible, until it's done

Nelson Mandela

cuma sayang

This song is titled : Cuma Sayang by Nira Diana. Heard few times through radio and the melody is really-really nice.

Ingin aku berlari sejauh mungkin
Rasanya ku harus menghindarimu
Hanya sekedar menguji kesetiaan ini
Kalau memang terbukti akhirnya nanti
Aku tak pernah punya rasa rindu
Atau rasa benci dan rasa cemburu

Ah, jadi tanda tanya dalam hatiku
Apakah memang tak ada cinta

Kalau cuma kata sayang
Aku masih bisa mengatakan kepadamu
Namun aku tak mungkin memberikan kepadamu

Jangan salah mengerti atas sikapku
Bukan aku menolak cintamu
Namun aku minta waktu untuk berfikir

Walau cuma kata cinta
Aku masih takut mengatakan kepadamu
Karena selama ini aku
Cuma sayang padamu…

Thursday, December 05, 2013

fracture post root canal treatment

Normally, I'm more to restoration than extraction. But today, this client came to my clinic with tooth fracture in her lower right second molar. Here it is....

This client came to me with a very surprising request : "Doc, my previous dentist suggested me to remove my wisdom tooth. But I was too afraid of surgery. Now, I'd felt pain keep coming lately when I chewed something. And also, the food impacted keeps happen like crazy. I was too afraid of surgery. But today, I guess I will go for surgery."

Ah, okay. But I saw the trouble comes from her second molar. Not the impacted one.

This is a fracture post RCT tooth. For fracture case, no other suggestion, only extraction. See what I got after extracted her tooth...

A complete fracture from mesial to distal. I did no separation at all, just removed it one by one. Started with lingual fracture, continued with the buccal one... Fortunately, no complicated fracture and I didn't find any difficulties at all. At first, she was very afraid of surgery. I told her that I will not do any wisdom tooth surgery, because the trouble comes from the second molar, not the third one, and I will not do any incision -because, it's no necessary at all, with also no separation. Already informed also that she will be treated very well under local aenesthesia. And I will do it smoothly, so she won't feel a pain even a little bit. Then, here we go with the extraction.

This is post-extraction socket. Already did curretage and suturing before she left. Spotted the white appearance from her impacted third molar's crown.

I didn't suggest for any surgery of wisdom tooth removal for this case. Not necessary at all, although it's impacted.

Sometimes, wrong diagnose came from very complicated way of thinking. Again, keep it simple. See what's in front of your eyes. Explored from what you can reach first. It's a simple way of thinking. But works a lot in my daily practice. See ? That the cause of problem was very simple. Why should make it complicated ?


Are you okay?
Is it cold out there? Dont forget your coat
Have you had breakfast already?
Dont skip dinner....
How is work?
Hard day at work?
Dont make yourself too tired...
Be careful driving...
Still cough?
Dont forget to take your medicine...
Can i give massage for you?
Feeling better?
Dont say anything.... just let me rest in your arm...
...and listen to the nicest pounding sound in this world

.... its your heartbeat

i have died everytime waiting for you
darling dont be afraid i have loved you
for a thousand years...
i'll love you for a thousand more.....

zahnspangen day

Every Wednesday and Friday, I stay in my east clinic for zahnspangen day.
It is my east clinic.

Mostly, orthodontic clients are teenagers. And because for controlling their wire will not take long time, I talk a lot with them. About their study, about their boyfriend / girlfriend, about their parents, about their hobbies, and also... future.

Many of them don't wanna be a dentist. Or doctor. Why ?

Funny answers from them sometimes makes me smile.

"Doc, because I'm afraid of blood"
or "Doc, because I guess I'm not discipline enough to manage my time for study"

I will give a clue. I don't see much blood in my daily practice. Except, accident cases, or surgery cases. If not, normally I only see gum, and teeth. No blood. I can guarantee for this. Sometimes I even forget my clients' names... or their faces. I only recognize when they open their mouth and I saw their teeth. That's why if I get extra time during each appointment of my clients, I prefer to talk with them. To recognize their faces too.

And you don't need to be top of class to have a successful dental practice. I ever failed in some exams too. Even I had studied 1 month before exam, but I'm not good at all at.... Oral Medicine. Oh God, give me another subjects, but please not this one. And I'm happily passed with C and didn't intend to retake the major again. But even I got only C for oral med, it didn't bother me at all during my daily practice.

I love being a dentist in my own company, because I didn't need to depend or demand from anybody. I can make my own business. I can manage my own schedule whatever I like. Although some of colleagues broadcasted that dentist is a high risk job, second place for jobs which most damaging to your health, but still I love it. And nothing will beat something or someone you love easily.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

heart attack

Funny thing was happened in clinic last night. So, this patient came from Borneo. 1 day only in Surabaya. And the next day, he has to fly back to Borneo.

He has missing almost all of his teeth in upper arch. Only upper left and right canines, and upper two front teeth remaining. He considered for new denture -later, after his next visit to Surabaya.

FYI, his old denture was broken, his oral hygiene was not really good, his remaining teeth were not in good condition also, especially the two front teeth. They were very mobile, 4" mobility, perharps more, so I suggested to take them out, later -not now. Because he'll go home tomorrow, and I can't let him leave my office without 2 front teeth

Very first thing to do, I'll clean 'em up. Clean all the remaining teeth before taking an initial impression. I was cleaning the upper right canine when suddenly....

1 tooth fell down.


OMG, and I haven't touched it yet.

Panic ? Of course ! You don't intend to pull a tooth, but that tooth was falling down itself. Who now got a jawdropped or heart attack ? The dentist. Yes, of course ! I thought, my heart stopped beating for seconds when I saw 1 of his front tooth was falling.

Me : "Waduh Pak, Pak, giginya copot nih Pak..." - "Sir, sir, your tooth pulled out..."
Patient : "Iya dok, memang sudah lepas" - "Yes doc, it's pulled out already."
Me : "Sorry ?"
Patient : "Cuma saya tancepin lagi." - "But I positioned it back."
Me : "Bapak .... lem ?" - "You... glued it ?"
Patient : "Pake UHU dok." - "With UHU (the glue), doc."

And yes, I saw the real glue in the socket, I thought he tried very hard to make the tooth attached to the gum. With glue !

I know sometimes -SOMETIMES !- patients were sooo desperate with their chipped tooth, and just glued it. But, it's my first time since my career as a dentist, seeing an EXTRACTED tooth was glued to the gum.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

surprise dans le 1 août

Une carte postale est venu à mon cabinet ce matin

Ohlala... Il est de la famille de Follet
:) :) :)

C'était une très bonne surprise qu'ils m'ont envoyé une carte postale de Singapour. Ils avaient vacances là-bas après Surabaya-vacances.

Oh mon Dieu, je les manques .... T___________T

(cette carte postale a été envoyée le 11 juin. Et tout est arrivé aujourd'hui, août 1st. Wow, prendre un certain temps à arriver)

Hé, je pense que c'est un bon signe. Début de Août, et je reçois une belle surprise. Vous ne pouvez pas arrêter de sourire à mon cabinet. Merci cher Follet de famille, je vous aime tous!



Monday, July 29, 2013

voyage d'affaires à Jakarta

Je suis allé à Jakarta hier pour dentaire-business (comme toujours). 3 jours voyage d'affaires, et le vol a été grande. Je n'ai pas pris de mauvaises vols, ne pas entrer dans une salle d'attente mauvaises, ne pas dupé par les chauffeurs de taxi, et j'ai eu un hôtel modernisé chambre, c'était censé être chambre "standard", mais ils m'ont mis à jour en chambre "de luxe". Ce voyage d'affaires était très très bon.

Et j'ai rencontré mes meilleurs amis de lycée aussi! Nous avons eu une grande réunion et le dîner

C'était un moment de bonheur ... rencontrer un expert-comptable, avocat, pharmacien et cette nuit. Eddie-l'avocat, a travaillé à Oman, et il était toujours aussi drôle que dans le lycée-même plus drôle. Mon amie, Evai-le pharmacien, a travaillé dans la plus grande entreprise de pharmacie à Jakarta. Elle a été mon premier amie qui m'a dit bonjour le premier jour, nous entrons dans le lycée. Et de nouvelles Inggrid-comptable, elle va se marier l'année prochaine! C'est une très bonne nouvelles. Et elle va se marier à notre camarade de classe aussi. N'est-ce pas beau? :) :) :)

La formation elle-même était très grande. J'ai rencontré mon "papa'' encore là ... Et devinez quoi ... nous avons eu le maillot de match de trop! C'est agréable de vous revoir, papa
:) :) :)

Hey, on portait le costume jaune avec le manteau noir. Par coïncidence. Un lien fort "papa-fille? hahaha ...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Joyeux anniversaire, Storm !

Joyeux 5ème anniversaire, STORM !!!
C'est un grand garçon maintenant. Mais toujours très mignon!

Étreintes, baisers, et ouaf ouaf,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mon premier blog en français

Mon premier blog en français !!! Yay me !!!

Merci beaucoup pour mon précepteur en français, Madame Andrée Follet. Si ce n'est pas parce que je skype en français tous les jours avec vous, mon vocabulaire français sera seulement: singe et merci :) :) :)

Comment allez vous ?

Mes nouvelles est ... Je suis toujours à pratiquer en tant que dentiste, et je vois dents plus que les gens, tous les jours. Et j'aime mon travail (encore).

Mais, en disant la vérité, un jour, je veux aller voir le monde.

(Cet affichage est toujours supporté par Google Translate. Mais je vous promets sera de plus en plus de réduire l'utiliser)

Sunday, July 14, 2013


If I love him, but he loves me not...

Should I choose someone who loves and adores me - unless I don't love him that much
Should I fight for love ?

Familiar and confusing with this ?

Me too ! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I miss them !

spécial pour la famille de Follet: Je ne m'ennuie et je t'aime tellement

May 22nd 2013, I will never forget... My special patient was asking for favor to set the pick-up for his family, because he was on business trip. And for the first time, I met Follet's family. They're coming from France for holiday. Actually, I can't speak French. At all ! And they can't speak English. My driver will completely lost in translation if he picked up alone, so I try to re-schedule all of my patients those afternoon, and leaving office to pick them up.... equipped with french dictionary and google translator.

I invited them for dinner the next day, after they're recovered from jetlag, in a nice resto near my west office... How can we communicate ? Good question !! Wifi in resto was not working and I had to wait damn long to use my google translator. So, we wrote ! Using the mini oxford french dictionary and some of body languages. Describing all the menus was challenging. And I tried very very hard to make them understand. In the other hand, they were also very keen to talk to me, but lost in translation. So if we didn't know each other, we'll end up smiling to each other, hahahaha...

See ? Smile is the universal language... Smile means people are welcoming you. That's why I love to make people smile with their beautiful white straight teeth, LOL... And since I worked as a dentist, my favourite thing to do is... making people smile. Of course !

Just now Mrs. Andree sent me the pictures. I miss them all now... 2 memorable weeks with them. And for me, they're equal to my own family. Guess what, finally I can communicate with them. Slowly. Words by words. 

I'm not good at tour guiding. But for sure, I enjoy every single moments with them. I'm so lucky for knowing you Follet's family. Be my guest anytime !  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

cheesy one

Sounds cheesy, I know... *Korean-drama's effect*
Once upon in my life, long time ago before I knew there're a hell in this world named dental faculty, I was a young naive high school girl who dreamed about...
Oh come oooonnn.... I tell you guys, every girls normally have their criterias about their Mr. Prince Charming.

Mine ? Physically, I'll fall for a guy with a white straight teeth, no cavities, and has a fresh breath. Hihihi.... Falling in love is a best gift ever. I love to love and to be loved. Have you ever found an attractive guy... and suddenly you can't stop thinking of him, feeling butterflies inside your stomach whenever near him or !!! Even waiting from him texting you back has already makes you unconsciously staring at your cellphone.

Ah, love...

I was being hurt many MANY times with you guys. So, I'd already known all the tricky parts from you, guys. Better be careful with me ;)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dentist. Doesn't That Scary.

Saya sadar 1000persen kalau profesi saya ini menakutkan bagi sebagian besar orang padahal saya bukan mak lampir. Juga bukan kuntilanak. Sampe ada istilah dentophobia atau ketakutan terhadap dokter gigi.
My workplace. I think, it doesn't seem that scary. Agree ?

Sebenernya ke dokter gigi, nggak se-seram yang dibayangkan. Jaman dulu, dokter gigi emang nggak kayak sekarang.

 Oke, ini emang lebih mirip kursi penyiksaan di film-film horor

Saya setuju kalo dokter gigi jadul dan segala perangkatnya emang bikin bulu kaki merinding. Belum lagi kalo si dokter dengan tampang seram dan suara menggelegar bersabda : "AYO MANGAAAAP. YANG BESAAAAAR."

Huah ! Mana tahan... Kalo anak-anak udah nangis duluan, orang dewasa udah pingsan duluan. Kali.

Sekali lagi saya tekankan, itu jaman dulu.

Jaman sekarang, ya kalo masih adapun dokter gigi yang model begitu, barangkali juga hampir punah. Yang ada ya dokter gigi gaul nan necis kayak saya. Dengan ruangan yang tentunya membuat pasien nyaman, mau leyeh-leyeh juga bisa, bahkan saking nyamannya, pasien-pasien saya betah nongkrong disini, ngerawat gigi sambil ngopi-ngopi. Serius. Mungkin dimasa yang akan datang, klinik gigi bisa merangkap hotel. Jadi jangankan nongkrong, nginep-pun oke. Atau lebih ekstrim lagi, tiap rumah punya dental unit sendiri. Dokternya tinggal dipanggil ke rumah. Ahoy! Godain Panggil saya doooooong....

Sebenernya ngepost ini di sela-sela kesibukan praktek bukan niatan marketing terselubung *haha!* Cuman saya ingin meluruskan asumsi pasien yang selama ini selalu mencap kami-kami ini menyeramkan, mahal, menyakitkan. Sampai ada ungkapan mending sakit hati daripada sakit gigi. Hiksssssss.... itu tega sekali, kawan. Bayangkan kalo anda punya toko dan ada customer yang bilang : "Wah Pak, mending saya sakit hati daripada belanja di toko bapak." Trust me, it sucks ! Kalo bahasa nonik-nonik Atom sih : Itu mbencekno pol. Hahaha...

Kalo masalah menyeramkan, sekali lagi itu tergantung dari Yang Maha Kuasa. Nggak semua dokter gigi emang dilahirkan dengan tampang kayak Park Si Hoo atau Song Hae Kyo.


Nggak usah kecewa sama tampang kami kalo nggak sesuai harapan anda, karena sebenernya skill lebih krusial dibanding tampang. Kami masih bisa menyamarkannya dengan masker separuh wajah atau masker penyemprot anti flu burung kalau anda merasa kurang nyaman dengan tampang kami. Kalo kami ganteng-ganteng dan cantik-cantik parah, kami pasti udah dikontrak produser buat maen sinetron stripping 300 episode dan nggak bakal sempat praktek doooooong.

Kalau soal mahal, nah itu merujuk ke sila pertama pancasila kepuasan anda masing-masing sebagai pasien. IMHO, mahal itu maksudnya kalau pelayanan yang didapat nggak sesuai dengan duit yang udah dikeluarin. Tolak ukurnya kan kepuasan anda. Kalo di praktekan saya sih, saya menerapkan sistem nggak usah bayar kalo nggak puas :p :p :p

Kalau gigi anda ditangani dengan tuntas, tepat, cermat, dalam sekali kunjungan, nggak menyakitkan, steril, nyaman, belum lagi kalo bonus dokternya cantik, dapet servis pijet kaki plus meni-pedi, welcome drink, sekalian bisa pilih menu, dan doorprize tur ke luar angkasa untuk pasien yang beruntung, masa ya nggak memuaskan namanya ? Kalo puas, ya nggak ada kata mahal kan ya...

Herannya, saya lebih banyak nemuin pasien yang dateng ke praktek kalo udah sakit gigi dibandingin yang iseng-iseng kontrol. Secara rutin, harusnya pasien kontrol gigi 6 bulan sekali. Tapi kenyataannya, pasien baru kontrol kalo sakit gigi, dan bahkan saya pernah ketemu sama orang yang dengan ekstrimnya ngaku nggak pernah ke dokter gigi. Fiuh...

Analoginya begini, anda takut ga sama sakit jantung ? Stroke ? Penyempitan pembuluh dompet ? Ahahahaha...
Sakit gigi juga sama gawatnya dengan penyakit-penyakit itu lho. Ayo, jangan tunggu sampe sakit baru ke dokter gigi ya :) :) :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to Dentalk

Happy new year 2013, readers !!! *maksa* *telat banget*

Back to dental topic readers, kadang-kadang emang pasien atau keluarga para dokter gigi, suka melontarkan pertanyaan-pertanyaan tabu nyeleneh ke dokter gigi. Semisal...

"Dokter gigi pernah sakit gigi nggak sih ?"

Buat para sejawat, kamu bisa disebut dokter gigi sejati kalo ada orang yang pernah nanyain ini ke kamu.

Jawabannya ? Well, dokter gigi bisa sakit gigi, tapi pernah atau nggaknya, itu masalah dirasain atau nggaknya. Kalau saya pribadi sih, belum pernah sakit yang sampe segitu-gitu amat. Paling juga keselip makanan doang. Itupun jarang-jarang. Dan ngomong-ngomong soal belum / nggak pernah sakit gigi ini, banyak juga lho pasien yang curhat dengan bangga : "Saya lho dok, seumur-umur nggak pernah sakit gigi." Padahal lubang giginya sudah macam gua jaman purba. Tau kan orang purba gedenya seberapa ? Nah, bayangin aja rumahnya.
Ada juga pasien yang gampang banget ngerasa sakit. Dimana untuk kasus ini, mau sampe melotot biji mata ini + pake kaca pembesar, saya sulit menemukan lubang yang dimaksud si pasien.

Again, sakit / nggak, itu cuman masalah threshold atau ambang rasa sakit. Yaampun, faal banget sih bahasa saya *digetok pake diktat Ganong* *biar sadar*

Sudah seperti sepaket sama pertanyaan diatas, pertanyaan berikutnya biasanya seperti ini ...

"Kalo dokter gigi sakit gigi, siapa yang ngerawat ?"

Untungnya saya kuliah di FKG. Karena saya kenal setidaknya 140 dokter gigi yang bisa saya minta tolongin kalo saya perlu perawatan gigi, hahaha.

Bicara-bicara tentang dirawat temen sendiri, dulu jaman klinik, selain jadi operator, kalo dibutuhkan.. kita juga bisa naik jabatan dental chair jadi pasien. Jadi kalo sekarang pun dirawat sama temen sendiri, ya udah nggak salting lah ya. Katakan saat itu kita lagi di klinik OM, bisa jadi bakal terjadi sariawan massal. Tentunya perbuatan ini ilegal dan harus dilakukan secara terselubung. Mau tau caranya ? Masuk FKG deh, nanti saya ajarin.

Kalo sengaja jadi pasien sariawan atau karang gigi sih masih lumrah. Ada beberapa temen yang cukup ekstrim dan totalitas banget dalam membantu requirement temen. Misalnya, jadi pasien endo, atau pasien BM macem cabut atau odontek. Sayangnya kita nggak bisa nyelundup jadi pasien pedo karena kendala bodi dan umur. Kalo bisa, udah dari dulu-dulu saya nggak harus berurusan dengan tuyul-tuyul pasien-pasien pedo yang haus sesajen itu, hayaaahh.... *backsound Oh Mama Oh Papa*

Pertanyaan lain, biasanya soal asmara :

"Kenapa ya kalo dokter atau dokter gigi, biasanya jodohnya sama-sama dokter gigi ?"

Ini hasil riset kecil-kecilan di angkatan saya sih. Separo dari kami memang berpasangan dengan rekan yang berprofesi di bidang medis. Baik dokter gigi, atau yang dari kampus tetangga alias dokter umum, atau dosen yang juga dokter / dokter gigi, atau pasien

Nggak variatif ? Iya, emang nggak variatif. Karena kebanyakan di FKG isinya cewek, dan cewek biasanya lebih dewasa dari cowok, biasanya kita nyari yang mapan dan siap huni, eh maksudnya mapan dan dewasa gitu... Kalo seprofesi sih kan lebih saling ngerti *lagu lawas*. Makanya jarang dari anak-anak FKG yang pacaran sama anak SMA. Biasanya kalo nggak dokter, dokter gigi, polisi, pengusaha, ya anak pejabat. Pokoknya yang kayaknya mapan-mapan gitu deh.

Ngomong-ngomong, punya jodoh ato mantu dokter dan dokter gigi juga jadi cita-cita kebanyakan pasien lho *bukan rekayasa* *hasil riset selama klinik 2006-2009*

Tapi kalo saya boleh memberikan kesaksian testimonial, punya pasangan sesama dokter gigi memang ada enaknya. Misalnya :

"Besok tak-operin pasien ya. Keluhan cekot-cekot sejak kemarin. Pas aku cek, M3 kanan atasnya erupsi sebagian, ada food impacted, full kalkulus. Kamu tanganin ya sayang, muach !"
"Oke sayang, muach !"

Dibandingkan :

"Ada saudaraku sakit gigi, dikasi obat apa ya ?"
"Gigi mana ? Kenapa ? Sakitnya waktu apa ? Kesini aja deh."
"Nggak tahu, kamu tanya sendiri aja deh."
"Kok nggak jelas amat sih, mana bisa dong nggak liat kasusnya trus sembarangan ngasi obat bla..bla..bla.."
*lalu terjadilah prahara rumah tangga*

Tapi ada juga nggak enaknya. Misalnya :

"Tadi akhirnya pasiennya nggak kuodontek. Tak-endo aja jadinya."
"Apaaaaa ? Gigi M3 erupsi sebagian kamu endo ?"
*pillow talk pasutri sesama dokter gigi* *curcol*

Yah, emang nggak ada jodoh yang sempurna selama Edward Cullen masih jomblo *eh*

Sekian lama nggak dolan ke blogger, bacain posting jaman-jaman klinik dulu, saya rasanya kepingin menangis ketawa dalem hati. Rasanya kayak baru kemarin saya ngelewatin masa-masa suram indah suram dan indahnya klinik. Dan sekarang saya sudah berpraktek sambil tetep memompa ASI buat si bayi *gak nyambung* 

Just wondering, any of you readers are dentists ? Or dentists to be ? Share your blog or simply contact me, OK ? Bukan, saya nggak kangen sama jaman kuliah dulu. Saya cuman kepingin cari temen senasib aja, hihihi :p